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Anime Tattoo

  How to Find an Artist for an Anime Tattoo?

An anime tattoo can add color and fun to your body. Unfortunately though, not every tattoo artist is a great anime tattooer. Tattooing anime characters requires a unique artistic touch that not every artist has. When you are looking to find an artist to complete this type of tattoo, asking to see photos of their work, including those of past anime tattoos, is your best bet for ensuring that the artist does work that you would be happy with.


Seeing their portfolio basically provides you with a glimpse into the quality and style of their work, giving you as much foresight as possible into the overall look and quality of the tattoo that they will do for you. Are you looking for an anime tattoo in Auckland, New Zealand? Our talented artists here at Shop Nine And Three Quarters would be happy to help. Check out the Artists' Page, Facebook page, or Instagram to see examples of our past work.

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