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Comic Book Tattoo

Is a Comic Book Tattoo Copyright Protected?

Here at Shop Nine and Three Quarters we are passionate about comic books, and the heroes and villains that reside in them. Chances are we love these comic books characters just as much as you do, so who better to do your comic book tattoo? Due to copyright laws, you may wonder if a comic book tattoo is copyright protected or whether you can get one inked on your body in Auckland, New Zealand. As of now, there has been no precedent set that tattooing copyright protected images violates a copyright holders rights.


Basically, this means that you can have any comic book character, logo or saying tattooed on your body, giving you peace of mind that you or the tattoo shop are not breaking any laws. Are you looking to have a comic book tattoo inked on your body? Book an appointment with Shop Nine And Three Quarters and let us create the perfect comic book tattoo for you.

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