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Pop Culture Tattoos

What Are Some Top Pop Culture Tattoos?

When it comes to pop culture tattoos, the sky's the limit as to what can be created. Some of the top pop culture tattoos include tattoos featuring top rappers or musical artists, shops icons, actors and actresses, cartoon characters, and even popular sayings and products. Basically, if the average person would recognize it and it has a role in our culture today, it would likely be considered a pop culture tattoo.


When selecting a pop culture tattoo, make sure that the tattoo has meaning to you, and is not just something trendy. When the trend dies, you want to have a tattoo that still has meaning to you, or you may later regret the tattoo. Are you looking to have pop culture tattoos inked on your body? Contact us at Shop Nine And Three Quarters to book an appointment with one of our tattoo artists today.

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