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Pop Vinyls

  How to Store Pop Vinyls

The way that you store your Pop vinyls in Auckland, New Zealand can affect their value both now and in the future. When you are storing vinyls, you want to ensure that nothing heavy is placed on top of them and that nothing is placed too close to them. You do not want to squish the box and create creases, dings or dents. Also, you want to avoid placing the vinyls in the path of direct sunlight. The sun can cause the color on the box and the figure itself to fade.


Lastly, be sure to use a feather duster or microfiber cloth to wipe away dust, dirt, pollen and other residue that can land on the pops. Are you looking to add to your Pop Vinyls collection? Swing by Shop Nine And Three Quarters to see our current collection of figures that are for sale.

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