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From WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, CACTUAR CONDUCTOR makes his appearance to the Static Arts mini line!


This gabby cactus has one sassy attitude! The Cactuar Conductor is a signature character in the magical world of Grymoire, where the tiny Lilikin folk live, and now he’s coming your way as a Static Arts Mini figurine! Naturally, we made sure to keep him in that tricky pose you know and love. He might like to play hard-to-get, but one can’t help but be enchanted all the same.


It goes without saying that we’ve retained his trademark bright green color, but our designers have also made sure that each and every accessory stands out through careful paint work. The little details in the conductor’s three-piece uniform—hat, lamp and whistle—help bring one of the game’s most vivid personalities alive.


Product Size: W 2.9" x D 1.8" x H 4.1"

Cactuar Conductor - World of Final Fantasy

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