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Get all the abilities and be ready for any occasion!

Heart Striker Weapin

Poison Resist Special Ability

Weilding this weapon covers the user with "Toxic Positivity" enabling them to keep looking on the bright side, even when life gets tough.


Second Chance Weapin

Unburden Special Ability

much like a true friend this item comforts you by absorbing any stress or worries you have and converts the energy into an ultimate attack. 


Galaxy Elixir Weapin

Cosmos Resurrection Special Ability

This magic potion unlocks your inner galaxy allowing the user to overcome the darkness and negativity in their lives. Plus 50% chance to spawn animal Familiar.


Light Guardian Weapin

Bolster Confidence Special Ability

Grants its bearer with the ability to "do the thing." 

No matter if the task is small or large, you can do it!


Hard Enamel Pin to stand the test of time.

WeaPINS Full Force Pack

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