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How to Save for Your Tattoo

Tattoos and personal finance are two things I’m rather passionate about—which is probably a good thing, because at the end of the day tattoos are a luxury item, and luxury items require some personal finance skills. So, to begin, if you’re currently on the vibe that budgets don’t work or just aren’t for you, then this guide may not be for you.

However, while this isn’t a blog post about why budgeting is useful, budgeting is a skill you’re going to want in your back pocket if you’re saving up for any luxury item. I am in no way the most tattooed person in the world (I’ve only just hit double digits), and when I was 19 and Adam did my first tattoo, I paid for it in money scrapped together from various student-y jobs. However, since I started getting larger pieces and committed to having more of a tattoo ‘collection’, financing tattoos have been a whole different ball game.

The Price of Tattoos

When considering a new tattoo, cost is often one of the first questions people will have. Which is understandable! You need to know how much to save, and plan for an appointment that is far enough in advance that you’re going to be able to afford that cost. (Side note: If you’re ‘shopping around for the best price’, keep in mind that this is a something that is permanently on your body—do you really want to cheap out on that?). However, getting a tattoo isn’t like buying a car, or a new phone. Some pieces may take longer than expected because of their size, detail, or how your skin reacts. You’re not only paying for the inks and needles, but for the artists’ time, drawing time, artwork, and the ability for us to ensure you’re being tattooed in a safe, comfortable, and sterile environment. So when we give a quote, we’re trying to give you the most realistic expectation. We’re transparent about our rates, and we want to spend the time with you to ensure you’re going to happy with this piece of art living on your body. Therefore, it’s always best to budget for highest number in the quoted price-range, so you’re not caught out.

The Real Price of Tattoos

The cost of a tattoo doesn’t end with the bill you pay at the end of the session though. There are so many factors to consider when you’re saving up for a tattoo. To name a few: