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Sleeve Tattoo

  How Long Does a Sleeve Tattoo Take?

For smaller tattoos, many tattoo shops will provide you with a price. This is because they know about how long a small tattoo will take. When it comes to a sleeve tattoo, most shops will provide you with a quote, but the price may vary based on the actual amount of time it takes to complete the tattoo. This may leave you wondering how long sleeve tattoo will take. Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer.


The amount of time it will take varies based on the size of your sleeve tattoo, the amount of detail the tattoo requires, the different color palettes or schemes involved and your pain tolerance level. Tattoo sleeves are done over the course of several appointments, and not completed in one sitting. Are you ready to begin the process of your sleeve tattoo? Contact Shop Nine And Three Quarters to book an appointment.

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