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How to Select a Tattoo

When it comes time to select a tattoo, the last thing you want to be is impulsive. This is something that is going to be etched on your body for the rest of your life. As you are trying to select a tattoo, ask yourself if the tattoo design will still be something you will be proud of. If not, select a different design that has more meaning to you, something that speaks to you personally or a character you have always loved, have gotten inspiration from. You can't go wrong when it is something you are passionate about. Also consider the color and detail of the tattoo in regards to your natural skin tone and the size you are wanting it to be.


Certain colors fade faster and need more care. Our sun in New Zealand is very harsh and this can effect your tattoo if you are outside in the sun often. Are you looking to get a tattoo in the greater Auckland, New Zealand area? Call Shop Nine And Three Quarters to book an appointment today.

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