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Tattoo Cover Ups

What to Look for When Getting Tattoo Cover Ups

When getting tattoo cover ups, you are looking to cover up a tattoo that may be of poor quality, that may no longer have meaning for you, or that may have lost its shape as your body has changed. The last thing you want to do is cover up a tattoo with another tattoo that you do not like. As such, it is important to sit down with a tattoo artist prior to getting any tattoo cover ups. Ask them what types of art or drawings, and what colors will best disguise your old tattoo.


Ask them to create a piece that will be used to hide your tattoo. Then really think about whether the tattoo will be something that will make you happy now and years into the future. Are you ready to cover up an old tattoo? Book a tattoo cover up appointment with us here at Shop Nine And Three Quarters now.

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