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Tattoo Design

What to Consider When Selecting a Tattoo Design

When selecting a tattoo design in Auckland, New Zealand, there is a lot of thought that you need to put in to the process. Don't worry too much though, we are here to help. You do need to ask yourself how you will feel about the tattoo design today, tomorrow and into the future. Also, you need to consider how the shape of the tattoo will be affected as you age. Some tattoo designs are not great for certain parts of the body, as the shape will distort move and as you age.


Lastly, consider how the colours will last and if they will fade. A great tattoo artist will help you come up with a tattoo design that you love, but that will also hold up as you age. Many pop culture, anime, gaming and pop culture tattoos have amazing colours and we are confident in creating a piece that combines your ideas with a great design, good size and colours that will last. Are you ready to begin the process of selecting a tattoo design? Call Shop Nine And Three Quarters to book an appointment to get started today.

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