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Thinking about getting a Tattoo?

After being in the industry for such a long time we've come across all sorts of interesting, and sometimes unusual questions but there are those which pop up a lot more than others. So to help our wonderful followers better understand what we do and address some of the most frequently asked questions we're setting up a weekly (maybe bi-weekly) blog post to answer these and give you some more insight into the profession we love so much!

Even though tattoos are becoming growingly popular and slowly gaining social acceptance we still have a large number of clients who come in for their first tattoos and others who still aren't quite sure on the process. So to kick off these entries we thought we'd write about some things we need to know from you before getting a tattoo.

There are 4 main elements to consider when you first decide to get a tattoo

1. Subject Matter - What you would like the actual tattoo to be of This may seem like an obvious point but it is the most crucial part of any tattoo. Did you see a picture or a piece of artwork which inspired you? Have you got someone or something in your life you want visually represented? Maybe you just love a particular show/anime or video game? Whatever it may be the possibilities are endless!

We love being given creative freedom, however it can be quite daunting for a client to request 'anything' or only know the things they don't want. This often creates a larger work load for the artist, having to change or re-draw a design to figure out what the client is after; deep down everyone has a preference which is worth taking the time to figure out.