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10 Star Wars Tattoos

With the release of SOLO hitting cinemas recently and may out the door, we thought we'd take a look back on some of our favourite Star Wars Tattoos done here at Shop Nine and Three Quarters. Sit back and see the force in the flesh!

1. Forever Hungry.

When Jabba the Hutt said "You will soon learn to appreciate me" he might not have expected it to be in the form of a tattoo. Here's one Star Wars Jabba the Hutt Tattoo that we really can appreciate! Forever hungry and forever the best slug on the big screen.

star wars tattoo by Alex Heart - Shop 9 3/4 north shore auckland tattoo studio

Tattoo Designed and Tattooed by Alex Heart

2. Hope.

If Star Wars has taught us anything, its that all you need is hope. Rebellions are built on hope after all! It's the message that set the plot in a galaxy far far away, and what better way to sum it up then where it all began. This Princess Leia Star Wars Tattoo does just that!

Tattoo Designed and Tattooed by Adam Cooley

3. Yub Nub!