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Can't let go of LEGO!

As you probably know if you've been into the studio we ADORE LEGO! But none so more than our in-house Lego master Adam C Artist! He's been collecting for pretty much his whole adult life and we thought we'd ask him some hard hitting questions about his history with Lego, his current collection, and what makes Lego such an interesting hobby and investment.

When do you first get into lego? Ohhhh see now this is tricky! I was massively into lego as a kid, I had all sorts of cool sets, Pirates, Cowboys, Space, trains! But as the story normally goes, I got older , the lego went into boxes and then it got sold to clear out under the house…….I feel many people have come to know this pain haha! But then one day when i was about 20 I was looking at lego and saw a star wars set, just one of the small $10 one at the time, and i thought it would be a cool little set to have on a shelf and that would be that…..but OH NO, that's not how lego works! The love for the lego was back and Now 12 years later I'm a full blown AFOL (that's the actual term haha ! It means Adult Fan Of Lego)!

What was your first lego box and whats your favorite in your collection so far?

Well Its hard to remember what was my very first set but i know it would have been one of 2. When i was about 7 for Christmas I got a really cool Lego Pirate Island, it had a shark and a rope bridge , it was pretty bad ass. But this is mainly one of the first I remember because I spent all Christmas day building it, only to have my big sis knock it over and smash it to pieces, that was not cool haha. Or it was the Lego Octane Petrol station, not quite as cool as a pirate island buuuutttt it had a turning car-wash sooooo there's that haha!

"I was massively into lego as a kid, I had all sorts of cool sets, Pirates, Cowboys, Space, trains"

What's your favorite set?

Seriously, your gonna make me pick? How about top 5, no wait top 10! Ok fine Ill keep it to 5!