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Rach say WHAAAT?!

So lets tell everyone the news, whats been happening, why its happening and ask some questions! If you've been tattooed by us or have ever sent us through a message chances are you've met Rach! She's been our all round front of house and office person since we opened and now taken the next leap... So let us introduce our new apprentice

You had always said to us that you never really wanted to learn to tattoo, what changed?

Rach: I don't want to sound super self depreciating but I think I convinced myself for a long time that it was something I never wanted to do because I didn't think that I could do it. Then once we opened Shop Nine and Three Quarters it became a nagging question in my mind again. I finally realised that thinking "I'm not good enough" was just an excuse and really, you work hard TO be good enough.

But why us?

Rach: As for you guys, hahahah why on earth would I have anyone else teach me?! Like that wasn't even a question! Why don't you let everyone know how you told us that you wanted to be an apprentice?

Rach: Hahaha well.... so after I had thought about it and had a few weeks to be like YUP I wanna do this, I made a powerpoint presentation with a bunch of memes and graphs! Alex: Soooo many memes so many graphs! Rach: A lot of memes and slide transitions.

Adam: A lot of hard work in those slide transitions!