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Getting Schwifty with Rach

Since Rachel had such fun with us we thought we might give her a taste of her own medicine !



Us: What was your first tattoo and why did you get it?

Rach: Hahaha wellll... My first tattoo was of a pokemon called Arcanine which I got on my wrist. At the time I didnt know much about tattoos and I thought it would be my only one hahaha . So I got it upside down which is now a huge pain in the butt when doing my sleeve but its good to show people what not to do hahahaha.

Us: Which makes a bigger positive contribution to society, doggo and pupper memes or videos of cats being dicks?

Rach: Oh man! Both make me equally happy! But I feel like powerful Doggo memes. Cats just are dicks ALOT of the time where as I feel like doggos having happy memes have a positive influence on the world!


Us: What in gods name made you want to work with us?

Rach: You know this story!!! But... I was working retail in wellington and I had met Alex online and ended up emailing her about getting tattooed. Alex: You send me the best and funniest emails too! Rach: Turns out she's the fairy princess of my dreams and we got on so well in the such a small amount of time while I was getting tattooed. Then when the studio was looking for a front of house/ receptionist I applied! I was pretty much just willing to do anything because It just felt like being at home with you guys <3 You know when you just find a place where you feel like you belong.

Us: AWWWWW Rach!!!

R: Have you ever had any negative experiences with getting tattooed?

Rach: uhhh... Aside from the pain not really. I think I was wrong in thinking my smaller tattoos would hurt the least hahaha I have a small moon on my chest and that was pretty terrible!! Us: Who is your favourite comic book/anime Character?

Rach: OoooOOoOOh..It's so hard to pick!!! I like too many!! Can it be movies animes? Us: Yup! Anyone!

Rach: Ok well... I would have to go with Kiki from Kiki's delivery service. I watched it when I was like 6 years old before I even really knew what anime was (I was watching other things like sailor moon at the time) and it was the first Ghibli movie i ever watched. Its just such a heart warming and positive movie and a lot of times in my life I've felt in the same position as her. "we each need to find our own inspiration, sometimes it's not easy'. And I'm a sucker for anything that has sassy cats haha

Us: How would you best describe your ginger enigma?

Rach: See I've battled with this a long time! Kids can be pretty awful when you're younger. I dyed my hair from when I was like 13 years old up until I was like 17 but now I'm ginger pride. Its like this unspoken connection with other gingers, you just know your apart of something bigger! haha

Us: Who would be your starter pokemon (first 3 gens only)?

Rach: ahhh always fire! Adam: ITS JUST COS YOUR GINGER!

Rach: Noooo cos you always start the story in grassy areas and you dont get to the fire pokemon til later on in the games so I'm going with Torchic. Plus you can just beat all the elite 4 with blaziken!

Us: If you could give us each one piece of advice what would it be?

Rach: both of you??

Us: Yup one each!

Rach: Aw man, well before I say anything I love you both but... Alex: HAHAHA its like Jon Snow and Ned Stark say " everything that comes before but is horse shit!

Rach: Aw no it's nothing awful! ughhh ok well Adam, I would say take more photos of your work and post more stuff online 'cos your work is amazing and the world should see it! And Alex, stop handing out f*cks and get more sleep haha. Take a little more time for you and to relax. You're in state at home far too much! Actually you both work FAR too hard!!

Us: hahaha ok ok moving on! Which Rick and Morty Character do you feel you most resemble? We'll say why we disagree

Rach: See I've thought about this and Im gonna say im Mr Meeseeks hahahaha. I take on tasks a lot of the time that I probably shouldn't because I overextend myself. I also tend to give myself quite a hard time about things but then when its done I'm like YAAYYY

Us: hahahah omg ok we don't disagree with that. you give too much! "Caaaaan do!" because you're just so lovely!

Us: What do you hope for the future of shop 9 3/4?

Rach: Soooooo many things! oh so many things hahah. It all happen way quicker then I thought but now I just want to live here. Can we make an attic? And I'll sleep up there and just come down every morning so I never have to leave! But seriously, I feel so lucky getting to be a part of this shop. I want to just keep pushing forward and growing our online presence, do some overseas comic cons/convention and continue to learn and grow. I'd LOVE to get some cool guest artists in here and expand the family!

Us: What would you say are the positives about being the only soul-less member of the shop 9 3/4 family?

Rach: Well... hahaha it means I'm not bias when making the hard decisions plus it's a great convo starter.

Us: So very true! ok well then what do you think are some of the positives to being most people's first point of call when contacting the shop?

Rach: Some requests are just so enjoyable to read and hear! Hahaha I find it fun to listen to people's ideas and even some of the more frustrating ones can be turned into fun and positive experiences. I actually really like educating and talking to people about the industry and what we do. We're not scary gang members.. I'm just a small squeeky ginger who wants you to have the best tattoo ever hahaha.

Us: Would you rather fight one titan sized Hagrid or 100 duck- sized Hagrids?

Rach: Hahahaha omg! Little Hagrids! Titans are scary angry and aggressive. But little fair Hagrid friends! And they'd be so hairy and I could pat them like and be their overlord!!!

Us: What is the last gift someone gave you and what was it for?

Rach: Hahaha this is gonna sound silly, I don't wanna say 'cos its stupid..... and he'll be reading this... Us: hahah what? go on tell us!

Rach: Conor (my boyfriend) bought me key lime pie since he worked super late one night and I got sulky because I got lonely so he calmed my anger with sweets. Hahahah I don't know why but Sweet things always cure my grumps.

"You just know you're a part of something bigger."

Us: Ok serious question though... Papalymo or Fufulupa? (Final Fantasy Stormblood characters)

Rach: *Hahahaha No Fufulupa! Papaplymo cos me and him are tiny and cute and will have tiny Papalymo babies! Alex: PAPALYMOOOOOOO

Us: Do you think it was fair of the rebels to kill all those innocent people on the death star who were just doing their job?

Rach: Thats hard! So not fair but I don't think there was any other way. Maybe they should have gone to help the good guys. I'm not saying civilian casualties are good, and as a general standpoint I'm against war/violence, I'm just saying the whole thing was good for the many over good for the few.

Us: What's something you think is important for everyone getting tattooed to know?

Rach: Ummm, do your research! Even if you don't know exactly what you want the more you can tell us the easier it is to bring it into reality! Most of the time no Idea is a wrong idea so don't be scared to tell us what you really want!

Us: On a scale of 1 - 10 rate us as human beings?

Rach: Ok! Adam is 42 out of 10 because 42 is the answer to everything! and Alex is 10 x infinity so has the biggest number to exist! You both deserve to be rated equally perfect and amazing.

Us: How would you best describe your own job title here at Shop 9 3/4 since that hasnt been formally established yet?

Rach: Hahaha heck, I don't like putting it in a box... Umm I get to do what I want for how long i want, when I want. and help make everyone's lives easiest and let people get the best experience out of each tattoo! I am super magical meeseeks girl!!

"good for the many over good for the few!"

Us: Last question! You know this one... What do you think cats dream about?

Rach: YAY CATS ohhhh see theres what I WANT cats to dream about (me and pats) and then theres the reality of what they probably do dream about! I think they have dreams about nothing like dreams within dreams Us: Catception dreams?

Rach: Ha Yes! just like dreams about food and sleep and having zero responsibilities!

Us: SURPRISE BONUS ROUND!!! ? If you had to write a fan-fic what would it be about?

Rach: Exclusively sexual stuff? Us: Hahahah whatever you want!

Rach: Hahahah massive mash up gay boy hentai hahahaha there's just so many unexplored possibilities that I could dive into that no one else could!

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