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Getting Schwifty with Rach

Since Rachel had such fun with us we thought we might give her a taste of her own medicine !



Us: What was your first tattoo and why did you get it?

Rach: Hahaha wellll... My first tattoo was of a pokemon called Arcanine which I got on my wrist. At the time I didnt know much about tattoos and I thought it would be my only one hahaha . So I got it upside down which is now a huge pain in the butt when doing my sleeve but its good to show people what not to do hahahaha.

Us: Which makes a bigger positive contribution to society, doggo and pupper memes or videos of cats being dicks?

Rach: Oh man! Both make me equally happy! But I feel like powerful Doggo memes. Cats just are dicks ALOT of the time where as I feel like doggos having happy memes have a positive influence on the world!


Us: What in gods name made you want to work with us?

Rach: You know this story!!! But... I was working retail in wellington and I had met Alex online and ended up emailing her about getting tattooed. Alex: You send me the best and funniest emails too! Rach: Turns out she's the fairy princess of my dreams and we got on so well in the such a small amount of time while I was getting tattooed. Then when the studio was looking for a front of house/ receptionist I applied! I was pretty much just willing to do anything because It just felt like being at home with you guys <3 You know when you just find a place where you feel like you belong.

Us: AWWWWW Rach!!!