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Getting Schwifty with Alex

As a fun post in between blogs I thought it would be a great idea to interview both Adam and Alex to find out what makes them tick, their opinions on the industry, and what they really think about what cats think, stay tuned for Adams half later in the week! -R

✨ ALEX ✨

✨ ALEX ✨

R: What was your first tattoo and why did you get it?

Alex: *thinking intensifies* bows on my hips, I got them because I had just moved to Australia and I’m a strong independent free woman *laughs*. I wanted to remember the move and experiencing different and new things. It wasn’t the best of times… it wasn’t the worst of times but it wasn’t the best of times.

R: Which makes a bigger positive contribution to society, buzzfeed quizzes or donald trump memes?

Alex: Ahhh heck. Buzzfeed quizzes make a contribution to you as a person… but DT memes make a bigger contribution to society as they help point out it’s terrible decision making. Society gain>person gain.

"I’m a strong independent free woman"

R: What made you want to be a tattoo artist?

Alex: Ummm I like drawing ‘haha’. Ever since I was little I loved drawing and colouring. I’d have disney colouring in books that I’d make my grandma colour with me too. Then I really only excelled in art at school and went and got tattooed by a female artist, at a time where that wasn't very common in the industry. Actually getting tattooed is what made me realise how amazing the industry is and that I could do this.

R: Have you ever had any negative experiences with your tattoos?