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Getting Schwifty with Adam

As promised (be it a little late oops!) here's my interview with Adam!



R: What was your first tattoo and why did you get it?

Adam: Oooooh... A black tribal scorpion because I was an idiot *haha*. No I was just 16 and no one talked me out of it, I'm a Scorpio and thought it'd be really cool... spoiler alert, it wasn't. I wish I'd thought about it a little more. It's covered up now... with much larger black tribal *haha*.

R: Which makes a bigger positive contribution to society, buzzfeed quizzes or donald trump memes?

Adam: Going to have to go for Donald Trump memes on that one.

"I'm a Scorpio and thought it'd be really cool"

R: What made you want to be a tattoo artist?

Adam: I've ALWAYS loved art and drawing but sadly I never really thought of it as a way to make a living. I ended up following a different path for awhile but once I started to get tattooed more I realised I could totally do this. From there it was really just putting in a lot of hard work.

R: Have you ever had any negative experiences with your tattoos?

Adam: uh.. I've never really had anyone be negative about my own tattoos. I've had a few conversation with people who aren't really into the style or that it's not something for them personally, which is totally fine, everyone has different preferences. As for a negative experience while being tattooed... well... There was this one artist who started telling me a story of how they stole one of their client's significant others WHILE they were in being tattooed! They used tattooing their client as a way to get close to this other person. I don't know it's really not something you want to hear while being tattooed, kinda went against a moral code. It definitely. solidified for me that that's not the type of artist I wanted to become. R: WOW, that's super rude... I suppose there isn't really much you can do about it when you're there though. What about some of the perceptions you get for being a tattoo artist?

Adam: It did make things a lot more uncomfortable *haha*. Perceptions are definitely changing and society is starting to see what we do as just another form of art and expression, but there is still a long way to go. Even with finding our shop (shop 9 & 3/4) we had to deal with quite a lot of landlords/neighbors/body corps who just didn't want to be associate with a tattoo shop at all. It does get quite frustrating and upsetting to think that this is only based off our profession and having that mindset completely set in stone regardless of anything we could do. In the end though it all worked out because we found somewhere even better!

R: Who is your favourite comic book/anime character?

Adam: Comic book would HAVE to be Batman. But for anime I would have to say Gohan, I've actually got tattoos of both of them!

R: How would you describe your tattoo style?

Adam: ah sh*t...... Debbie? (Debbie is Alex's other name/alter ego, feel free to ask her about it if you come into the shop ;) )

I'd have to say it's a bit of a mix really. My personal style that is; I like to base some of it in realism with also drawing on the idea of the more graphic elements of comic book illustration. I really enjoy doing both of these styles separately too, it's hard to put it into one box.

R: Who would be your starter pokemon?

Adam: out of any??

R: no, no, first 3 gens only.

Adam: Charmander, that means one day you get a Charizard.

R: If you could give one piece of advice to your 14 year old self what would it be?

Adam: Don't start smoking....

R: *hahaha*

Adam: No seriously just don't do it, it's a bad time. Also that adults don't always know what they're talking about, sometimes it's important to do what you think is right. Apart from the smoking thing... obviously.

R: Which Rick and Morty character do you feel Alex most resembles and why? (Adam was waiting to get Alex back as soon as he heard she had called him Jerry).

Adam: *cackles* I was going to say tinkles, Summer imaginary lamb friend.. But I actually think she would BE Summer. Because Summer created tinkles and I'm pretty sure that's the exact type of messed up imagination Alex has *haha*. Also the fact that she's a girl and she can be kinda terrifying.

R: What do you hope for the future of shop 9 & 3/4?

Adam: You've got some pretty serious questions too...

R: Yeah I do, gotta give the people what they want.

Adam: Honestly, I love where we are right now. I'd be so happy if we are just able to grow and keep the same vibe and atmosphere we've made here. I feel like we are incredibly lucky to be at this point and that's something quite special. I'd like it if we could have more people know where we are and in the future look into expanding with more artists or even guest artists coming to visit. It's mainly the little things that we can keep tweaking like getting the collectable side a bit more up and running and have you in here full time R: *stop it you....*

R: What would you say are the positives of being a tattoo artist?

Adam: It's one of the funnest things I feel you could ever do for a job. When you come to work and you also feel like you're home... I've met some of the best people through doing this and there's such a lovely and unique side to the community. Not to mention the honor that goes in to creating pieces of art for people every day. There's really a lot to be positive about and its sad when I see other artist forget this a little.

R: What about the negative side to the profession?

Adam: There's an unfortunate side with the stigma of being a tattoo artist and how a lot of people don't recognize that what we do is an art form and we probably spend more time drawing than we do tattooing, even other artists see us as being on the very edge of the art community. It can sometimes be hard to get taken seriously. Another thing is that, for most of us, we aren't able to turn off. Putting that much of yourself into something and have it constantly be on your mind makes it really difficult to relax. We got to work and tattoo, we go home and draw, we think about designs over dinner, it's always there in the back of your mind which can be really hard on partners/fiances. What we do IS A LOT of hard work, but I don't see the hard work as the negative thing, it's the impact that can have on your health and relationships which make it hard.

"I feel like we are incredibly lucky to be at this point and that's something quite special"

R: Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

Adam: *gets up and kicks at floor* One horse sized duck. definitely. Initially terrifying but overall there's some way cooler possibilities, like what if you were able to tame it? I don't want a gang on tiny horses coming for me, I can see that being like a tsunami where they all just swarm you.

R: What is the last gift someone gave you, what was it for?

Adam: *looks at phone*

R: do you not get gifts?

Adam: I do I'm just trying to think *haha*. Usually if I see something I want I get it for myself. (This is true and makes it EXTREMELY difficult to shop for him) Thinking about it clients bring us some pretty amazing things.

R: what's some of the most recent things you've got from customers?

Adam: Over our opening weekend we had someone come in a give us a whole collection of World of Warcraft art books which was so amazing. There was also another person that came in with a whole box of PS1 games. Which is all lovely and crazy because obviously we don't expect anything. Our really good friend Keith has been giving us heaps of pictures and things to hang up here.

R: So not much point in this next question since we all know your favorite character is Dobby *haha*

Adam: hahah technically but serious would be Sirius. I really liked Dobby and was more sad when he died but Sirius was such a well thought out character and overall just a good dude.

R: Something you think is important for everyone getting tattooed to know?

Adam: Be prepared and go with it

*Alex laughs in the background* R: Hey Alex yours was just as bad! *haha*

Adam: *shaking head* I mean to try to come in with a positive headset and know that we are here to help and welcome all sorts of questions. It easy to over psyche yourself up but try to put trust in your artist, they know what they're doing.

R: I asked Alex to rate me as an interviewer but I'm thinking that was too easy... So what do you think some of my best qualities are? (obviously was trying to be heavily sarcastic but Adam is so lovely that he just said nice things about me for 2 minutes)

Adam: *continues to say wonderful things which are almost definitely bad for my ego.

"Be prepared and go with it"

R: When your not tattooing, how do you spend your time?

Adam: What free time? *haha* Drawing for tattoos, working Sundays, thinking about tattoos, oh and gaming.

R: And lastly, so obviously the most important, What do you think cats dream about?

Adam: Yarn. Dominating humans, CATAPOCOLYPS, CATASTROPHIES. They probably have more nightmares than dreams. Like when they do the little running feet when they're sleeping, probably thinking about giant birds.

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