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Getting ready for 'Geddon

Armageddon the Best Time of the Year

Hi everyone, so you’ve probably seen our post earlier in the week, WE WILL BE BACK FOR ARMAGEDDON 2017!!

This year boasts arguably the biggest lineup and the most exhibitors armageddon has ever seen so we decided, especially as this is our first year running as shop 9 & 3/4, we better step up with a grand entrance! (Think suited badass heroes walking away from car explosions and slowing putting on sunglasses level big).

When: October 20th-23rd, Queens Birthday Weekend

Where: ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland

For ticketing information and ticket prices see:

Tickets are selling fast this year, we suggest buying a ticket sooner rather than later! We will be located in the second hall, booths 99-101 (a map up of where exactly to find us will be available closer to the event).

The Run Down What will be available

A question we get asked a lot at every armageddon is if these are real tattoos.? Yes! we will be doing 100% real, forever, permanent, don’t wash-off, amazing, nerdy, tattoos!

For those of you not looking for something as permanent, or even if you are, we will have special prints, merch, artist information, exclusive stickers, and more!

Each Artist will have their own individual Flash sheets* which we will post some previews of a few weeks beforehand. As the artists put a lot of themselves into each drawing each artist will only be tattooing their own designs.

*Flash Sheets are pre-drawn design that each artist has ready for the day.

During Armageddon we use this as a time to celebrate the wonderful nerdy world and our own pop-culture passions! Since we are primarily a pop-culture tattoo studio we will only be tattooing nerdy/fandom based designs. We are happy to answer any questions regarding other ideas you have but will not be tattooing these over the weekend and you are more than welcome to book a time at each artists respective studios or get in contact with us after armageddon.

Weekend Schedule Shop 9 & 3/4 will be closed from Friday 20th October - Wednesday 25th October (normal hours Wednesday 10-5). Any emails/inquiries sent over this time will be replied to as soon as we are able, however please be patient and we’ll try get back to you the following week.

Get in touch with us beforehand with any Armageddon related inquiries/question as we will be crazy busy during this time and most likely won’t get a chance to reply to any messages. Refer to the rest of this post for our most common questions :)

FRIDAY We spend all day Friday setting up. Friday opening evening (6-9pm) we won’t be tattooing but will be in and around the booth to have a chat, answer questions, have a consult, sell prints/merch, and give you the first chance to look over all the designs for the weekend. Depending on the amount of interest, and the amount of pre-booked tattoos, we will possibly be able to book you in for a time over the weekend at this time.

SATURDAY(10am-6pm) SUNDAY(10am-6pm) MONDAY(10am-5pm) We will be in and setting up before doors open so we are able to start tattooing right on 10am.

All the artist will be tattooing all days!

We will try to stop and talk to as many of you as we can but please understand that, especially with intricate designs, most of the time we need to be fully concentrated on the tattoo we are currently doing. However we will be taking short food and rest breaks throughout the day, usually between each tattoo as we absolutely love being able to nerd out with so many like minded people!

Rach will be in charge of running the booth, bookings, selling merch, and answering questions while we are busy doing what we do! She has been with us for over 2 years and can help with pretty much anything you throw at her so don’t be shy! We will also have a few others helping us with organisation over the weekend who will be able to refer your questions on.

If you don’t recognise us this might be because we’re in cosplay! so we usually post what we are wearing before the event so you know who you are talking too :)

Booking in

To give everyone a fair opportunity each artist won’t be taking on more than a few pre-booked designs.

These will also be at the discretion of each artist, as some prefer to do a few hours on a larger piece they’re currently working on, while other like to keep it to smaller flash pieces.

Pre-booking priority will be given to those travelling from away (i.e. coming from out of Auckland). All the artist are based in Auckland and we are more than happy to book people in at the studio for another day after the weekend.

If you’ve got an idea that you think would be great for this event and there’s an artist you want to try pre-book with you are more than welcome to contact the artist directly or get in touch with the studio and we can forward it on and sort this for you :) Again please keep in mind we are only taking on certain themes and have very limited space to pre-book.

There will be designs available to view roughly a week before armageddon so you can get a good idea of what each artist has available.

The designs which will be able to be booked over the weekend (i.e not pre-booked) will be the flash designs. The only exception to this will be simple things like nerdy symbols (i.e. deathly hallows/triforce) and things which are straightforward for us to get ready (e.g. unchangeable characters/objects like original pokemon, links shield, mario mushroom, etc) and priority will still be given to the artist original designs over these.

The majority of bookings will be done throughout the day on Saturday and last year we were fully booked by mid-day Sunday (Luckily we have some extra help this year which means more tattoos!!)

We still want everyone to get the best possible tattoos and we are only human so bear in mind these can take time, love, and a lot of effort from each artist.

As much as we would love to unfortunately sometimes this means we are simply not able to tattoo every one. but for any custom pieces, non-nerdy design or if we run over time we will be taking either bookings or details so that you are able to get booked in at the studio!

We also have a new little surprise and a few competitions in the works so will be posting more updates later down the track!

The Line Up Since we have so much space this year we’ve got a few extra artists!

Alex Heart Shop 9 & 34’s resident magical fairy princess If you don’t know already Alex loves anything disney and anime! She can make your magical pop culture designs come true with bold blended colours and her own kawaii twist.

Instagram: @thisisalexheart

Adam Cooley Comic maniac, black and grey wizard and probably has the largest collection of lego you’ve ever seen.

Adam’s wide skillset and experience make him pretty much amazing at whatever style he sets his mind to! Always down to do anything sci-fi and especially passionate about Marvel/DC/and dragon ball Z!

Instagram: @adamctattooist

Brock Fidow

Guest #1 You’ve probably seem him lurking around the studio every now and then and helping us out with our opening day and tattooing at previous Armageddons. He’s Alex’s other half and has his own studio, TilDeath Tattoo, in Newmarket. Brock has a knack for capturing expressive animal portraits and has created his own unique neo-trad style. Brock’s also a lover of anime and an old school gamer so give him anything ps1 or some badass anime babes and he’ll knock it out of the park!

Facebook: Instagram: @brockfidowtattoos

Keith Lin aka Beef Guest #2

The OG Beef Baby will be back with us again this year to keep brining his precise origami designs and japanese influenced nerdy goodness! Keith is a mash-up master and combines traditional Japanese patterns with bold origami designs and his own striking colour pallet to create tattoos that capture they eye and stand out. He loves Ghibli, animals, sneakers, and almost all aspects of Japanese culture. He is always open to customisations.

Facebook: Instagram: @keithatlin

Jordan Newnham

Guest #3 Joining our Armageddon group for the first time this year! Bringing something slightly different to our line up Jordan enjoys stylised new-school designs and whenever he’s not working he’s gaming, with Horizon Zero Dawn, Wolfenstein 2 and Prey being the games stuck in his ps4 at the moment. He’s the dark knight of the team (re: he LOVES batman & comics) and his tattoos and style reflect this.

Instagram: @randycambel Email:

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