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Keith Lin's Top 5 Yokai

To Celebrate this Halloween Month we thought we'd ask our in house Japanese Ghost Master here at Shop Nine and Three Quarters what his favourite Yokai were! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Yokai they are ghost, phantoms, supernatural monsters, spirits and demons in Japanese folklore and make amazing tattoo subjects as they are rich in history and usually have super interesting and unique designs.

There are hundreds of different types of Yōkai! Some are malevolent, some mischievous. Some will even bring you good fortune if you happen to see one. Their appearances vary as much as their behaviours and some can have animal qualities while others can appear more human, there are also many Yokai that look like objects.

Yōkai usually have spiritual or supernatural power, with shapeshifting being one of the most common. In the Edo period, many artists created yōkai inspired by folklore and their own ideas.

So now you've had the run down, here is Keith's favourite Yokai of all time (In no particular order)

1- Kappa (pronouced KAH-pah)

Kappa's have a beak-like mouth, shell on back like a tortoise, water-filled “bowl” on top of head and a strong fishy smell. Also it is claimed that the kappa have 3 anuses, which I for one am not keen to verify. They also love cucumbers!