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Getting Schwifty with Keith!

The long over due continuation of our wee 'get to know us' interviews! Sadly Keith has been sick this week but I managed to get him to send me through an email with the answers to a few insightful questions so you get to know that last member of the current crew here at Shop 9 & 3/4.



What was your first tattoo and why did you get it?

Keith: Ahhhh yes, well my first tattoo was my FIRST name- yes my own name- on some rocks with waves crashing on it. (note- I have not covered this up as I often use it as a warning to people who want to get designs they might regret haha).

Back when I started getting tattoos, this was when I was in Singapore where I'm from, the whole “surname as a belly rocker or across the back” was all the rage. I went into a tattoo studio and said what I wanted, my last name Lin. As it turns out, having a short last name doesn’t quite work for the design. So I was about to give up when the tattooist went "well I can do your first name instead, give me 30 mins and I’ll draw something up". Being the stupid 16yr old that I was, I didn’t think the idea through and was so awed by being able to get the tattoo, that I didn’t think what the tattoo would look like/ or mean. I just wanted to get tattooed. I have met the tattooist years on as a peer and have berated him on letting me get this stupid idea... but I get it, there was a lot of competition and tattooists back then and unfortunately for some people it can be just about making money and not thinking about the consequences of the design they are doing on someone else.

"Well my first tattoo was my FIRST name"

What is your favorite meme?