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Alex's Anime List Volume 1

It's no secret that our Anime tattoo artist Alex Heart is an Anime junkie.

So we decided to sit down with her and chat to her about some of the recent ones she's been watching as well as some of her favourites.

We've done our best to keep this as spoiler free as possible as not to ruin any of the fun!

Here's 10 ten recommendations straight from the kawaii princess herself <3

1.Darling in the Frankxx

One of my most recent watches, from two of my favourite anime studios; Trigger and A-1.

If you love sassy characters, cute anime girls and massive mech units then you’re bound to love Darling in the Frankxx! It’s a super new anime that is available to watch on crunchy roll.

Without giving to much away, Darling in the Frankxx is set a future where humanity is struggling to survive and its up to the kids to save the day. Its cool to see this battle not only with the monsters attacking the plantation the humans call home but it’s also a battle in the sense that the kids are trying to figure out what being a kid even is, what growing up really means in the world they live in and at the same time trying to protect this world they seem to know nothing about, which leads to some cool character development and has you learning about the world along with them. Darling in the Frankxx has some awesome battle scenes and cool art style, theres also some great laughs, touching moments and what I suspect to be a bit of a plot twist.

2. Ancient Magus’ Bride